About Us

The founders, a husband and wife duo, are avid attendees of handicraft exhibitions where creativity and entrepreneurial spirit abound. From homemade cheese makers to eco-friendly house builders, farmers to fashion designers, these gatherings hum with the vitality of diverse ideas and the shared desire to connect.

Yet, despite this mutual enthusiasm, exchanging information has always been a challenge. In the midst of bustling activity, with store owners attending multiple customers at once, making meaningful connections often falls by the wayside. Handing out pamphlets or cards becomes a frantic activity and, with hundreds of stalls at each event, attendees are left with an overwhelming collection of contacts, pamphlets, and new Instagram follows that are near impossible to sort through and remember.

Similarly, at conferences, making efficient use of a one-hour break to network with the right people working on the same frameworks can feel like a race against time. Can you truly meet 30 people in 60 minutes and still remember them a year later?

Recognizing the need for a streamlined contact exchange and networking solution, eKard was born.

In India, we enjoy the convenience of a Universal Payment Interface (UPI), enabling fee-free and quick transactions that settle billions daily. The UPI QR code is ubiquitous - used by shops, showrooms, and individuals alike. Google and WhatsApp have even integrated UPI into their apps.

Now, envision replacing these standard UPI QR codes with a more advanced version – the eKard QR code. A simple swap allows for a richer exchange of information, offering an organized way to record contact details, remember meeting contexts, and maintain connections with potential customers. For an artist, cheese maker, or fashion designer, the ability to seamlessly keep customers updated on latest products or services is a game-changer.

Once you've secured a place in the phonebook of a potential customer, numerous benefits ensue. Not only are you easily discoverable when prospects search for contacts on social media via their phonebook, but your WhatsApp status updates are also visible to them. No more hassle of asking customers to scan multiple QR codes for different tasks. One scan of the eKard QR, and they can follow you on Instagram, review you on Google Maps, pay you, and more.

With eKard, we aim to revolutionize how India uses QR codes, making it easier than ever for people to stay connected. We believe in the potential of every connection, and eKard is here to make sure none are missed.

While eKard is initiating its journey in India, capitalizing on the widespread use of QR technology and the UPI system, our vision transcends geographical boundaries. We aim to transform the way people connect worldwide. eKard has the potential to simplify networking and contact exchange universally, across a range of industries and contexts, making it a globally relevant tool. We are eager to adapt and evolve to meet the unique needs of users across the globe. No matter where you are, eKard is committed to ensuring you never miss a connection again. Because at eKard, we believe in the power of connectivity without borders.